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Head of content

A really special person we need for our team. As our Head of Content, you span a dozen projects. You possess near-shakespearian wit and you were mildly bothered by the 'really' we used two sentences ago, which is okay.

Key tasks:

A golden pen.

You're an excellent writer.

You truly understand what transforms okay texts into tales that make people crave for more. You can turn topics such as AI for EHR compliant with OMOP standards into understandable sentences.


A background in science.

You're someone who has a background or a thorough knack for science. You're looking to dip your toes in the marketing bath and use your skills to grow companies.

You get the copy right.

Like a copywriter. Not intellectual property.

Your texts are synced up with the subject, bringing the right level of professionalism as well as high readability.

Your future job looks like this.

The sky is still the limit, but here's what we imagine you doing:

  • Roam across 10 projects and collaborate with our marketing consultants to drive content generation.
  • Write for multiple different media including social, Medium, company blogs and press releases.
  • Own entire narratives and understand what drives marketing campaigns.
  • Work in spaces such as medical devices, medical device regulation, data privacy, data security, IVD diagnostics, therapeutics and digital health
  • Your English proficiency is (close to) native
  • You understand website copy or are willing to learn how to understand it
  • Buyer personas and strategic messaging aren't foreign concepts to you
  • Search-optimized writing and understanding SEO topical approaches are definitely a plus
  • Working in CMS such as HubSpot and Webflow are a big plus

What we sort of expect from your end.

  • 2+ yearsʼ experience in (scientific) writing
  • Proven experience in writing +1000 word texts that make sense and are well-structured
  • A master's degree or experience-equivalent in science, preferably molecular biology, software/ artificial intelligence or medical sciences
  • A feeling or knack for marketing and business development
  • A 0-to-1 mentality, ability to just do it and not overthink stuff

You're this type of person.

The below skills are attributes that are not mandatory but are desired in the ideal candidate.

  • Growth Minded: You are looking to always improve yourself, your processes, and the team around you. You objectively look at things to determine whatʼs working while artistically not being afraid to try something new that might not work.
  • Conscientiousness: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals
  • Disciplined: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals.
  • Data-driven: You use data to drive your decisions and improve whatʼs working. Where data doesnʼt exist, you find ways to fill gaps and move forward without it.
  • Creative: You think of many ways to solve a problem when you are met with an obstacle. You also find ways to motivate and influence adoption with current customers.
  • Collaborative: You build strong cross-functional relationships and get joy from the teamʼs collective success.
  • Self-motivated: Self-development and personal growth is part of your character as you continue to find ways to reflect and grow as a professional and as a person.
  • Adaptable: Having an entrepreneurial spirit you thrive in a fast-paced environment where you can innovate and help build a disruptive business.
  • Intelligent: You have the skillset to manage complex customer accounts and aren't afraid to read into peer reviews, scientific literature, or other vertical-related content to gather a deep understanding of a space.

Our promise to you.

  • Unique innovative and disruptive projects, oriented towards the future of healthcare
  • Dynamic and exciting start-up environment - you won’t be a small cog in a big machine
  • You own a critical aspect of our business and you will be making a real impact
  • A huge, upcoming industry with unlimited growth potential.
  • The ability to work and grow in a top-tier team.
  • Frequent travel to meet interesting leads or customers
  • Competitive salary and benefits package

Additional information

  • Starting date: 4 days ago if at all possible, otherwise as soon as possible
  • Full-time position, payroll
  • Office location: Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, but the working location is flexible.

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