How we set up Lynxcare to deliver hospital & life science intelligence at unseen scale.

Lynxcare’s product continuously interprets electronic health records and makes the data available to hospital teams to drive insights.

In our ongoing collaboration, we are the owner of marketing responsibilities including strategy, content & lead generation.

Key challenges.

AI vs medical appliance.

The good old product versus application.

In our initiation sessions, we found a strong focus on the technical aspects of the products. Natural language processing, data lake, and other tech jibber jabber were in the way of a simplified way of marketing the product.


Complete pandemonium.

All homework and no hospital visits make Jack a dull sales representative. With the pandemic raging through the sales funnel, a clear digital strategy was one of the only ways to save much of the annual marketing plan.

Brand relevance.

Playing in the big league.

In an increasingly competitive space, building a relevant brand that allows Lynxcare to connect to hospital CIO's and life science RWD teams was crucial.

In comes Ooho.

We set up our Team-on-Demand service offering and defined the entire marketing strategy as well as operational rollout. In the first months we set up:

  • A fully fledged strategic communication plan
  • A revamped Lynxcare brand & design
  • A conversion-driven digital launchpad using new and existing content
  • A lead generation strategy for social using the founder team's profiles
Ooho logo


Roll out marketing strategy like Lynxcare.

Enough talk, was it worth it?


191% increase in MQLs.

Streaming in leads for the sales team.

The LynxCare team now has a consistent stream of MQLs that they can call and set up meetings with.

Sales. Now enabled.

A sales enablement strategy that scales.

Sales enablement is the key to the complex B2B castle. We implemented our slide library methodology & template to ensure the LynxCare sales team could roam freely across an array ofdifferent deals and customers.

52,5% increase in reach.

Strongly increased visibility of content.

Marketing reach is a good indicator  of how well the content LynxCare is publishing is engaging their network of surgeons  and other medical professionals.

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“Ooho has unlocked a previously untapped part of the market for us. Six months ago, we were looking at how to increase our exposure. Today, we’re looking at how we can keep up with the incoming orders.”
Dominique Blanckaert, General Manager at Zorgpunt
Ooho knows exactly how to roll out digital marketing in HealthTech. Their speed, strategic contributions and industry insights make them a strong asset to the RemeCare team.”
Stefan Lameire, former CEO at Remedus
“Combining operational marketing heavy lifting with an understanding of regulated markets & complex technology is unseen in an external marketing team. Ooho offers us both & has been instrumental in shaping up our marketing efforts.”
George De Feu, PharmD, CEO at Lynxcare
“There are lots of agencies in Europe. A lot of talk-the-talkers, not a lot of walk-the-walkers. Ooho was both the cornerstone of a lot of strategical decisions, as well as mission-critical during execution.”
Louis-Philippe Broze, CEO at Spentys