Head of expensive slidemaking.

For teams that have in-house marketing ops that need strategic guardrails set up for them. We can collaborate on a higher plane of marketing existence and focus on strategising & setting out tactics, rather then implementation and ops.

How it works


Let's be precise.

During our definition phase, we focus on pinpointing the exact strategic challenges for the company.


Figure stuff out.

After we've defined challenges, we'll investigate existing marketing tacts & strategies and start shaping assumptions of improvement.


Set up the playing field.

Together with your marketing ops team, we'll roll out strategic programs designed to fuel growth. As they're implemented, we'll feed back ideas and improvements continuously.

A simple setup.

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Our strategy offering is a retainer-based monthly or quarterly service that includes:

  • Defining & writing up key marketing and product strategy documentation
  • Defining key marketing campaigns and implementation details
  • Preparing (investor) decks or key-account based customized collateral
  • Preparing company transformation plans
  • Collaborating on innovation trajectories or market access plans
  • Defining key hires & marketing team set up