How we achieved 5x growth of Zorgpunt's e-commerce business in 8 months.

Zorgpunt enables best-in-class home care by providing qualitative assistive devices direct-to-consumers and through a network of well over 280 local pharmacies.

With Ooho, we set up our Team-on-Demand service offering and defined the entire marketing strategy as well as the operational rollout

Key challenges.


Visibility to the masses.

The brand awareness was rather limited as well as the awareness of alternatives to established, pseudo-governmental competitors.


Generating online revenue.

The webshop wasn't generating the revenue potential everyone felt it had. With limited direct orders from consumers, there was more to be explored.

Channel optimisation

Enabling the partner network.

With a large network of partner pharmacies, distributor activation was as a key improvement area.

In comes Ooho.

In our first months, we focused on:

  • An analysis of personas and their buyer journeys
  • A communication and positioning plan
  • A lead generation and community building strategy for social media
  • An innovative search strategy for the webshop and local stores
  • A paid acquisition strategy through both search and social
  • A conversion-driven webshop, rebuilt from the ground up
  • Professional product photos, video's and SEO descriptions
  • "Care guide" with guides, video's, e-books and quizzes tailored to the target audience
Ooho logo


Ooho collaborates with Zorgpunt with a monthly retainer and a sales-based collaboration model. With skin in the game and our end-to-end offering, we're able to help Zorgpunt grow sustainably, and fast.

Enough talk, was it worth it?


5x local exposure.

A smart Google For Business setup.

With scripting magic and Google sauce, we increased Google displays of local pharmacy partners from 8.000 a month to 40.000 a month. Resulting in store owners reporting a significant increase in local store visits.

5x website visitors.

Scalable ad-driven approach.

With the help of an online ad-driven approach we were able to increase website traffic from 2.000  a month to 11.000 a month.

A sold-out warehouse.

5x increase in e-commerce revenue.

9 months in, were were called to stop our efforts. With a sold out warehouse, Zorgpunt had shifted its traction problem into an operational challenge.

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“Ooho has unlocked a previously untapped part of the market for us. Six months ago, we were looking at how to increase our exposure. Today, we’re looking at how we can keep up with the incoming orders.”
Dominique Blanckaert, General Manager at Zorgpunt
Ooho knows exactly how to roll out digital marketing in HealthTech. Their speed, strategic contributions and industry insights make them a strong asset to the RemeCare team.”
Stefan Lameire, former CEO at Remedus
“Combining operational marketing heavy lifting with an understanding of regulated markets & complex technology is unseen in an external marketing team. Ooho offers us both & has been instrumental in shaping up our marketing efforts.”
George De Feu, PharmD, CEO at Lynxcare
“There are lots of agencies in Europe. A lot of talk-the-talkers, not a lot of walk-the-walkers. Ooho was both the cornerstone of a lot of strategical decisions, as well as mission-critical during execution.”
Louis-Philippe Broze, CEO at Spentys