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“Ooho has unlocked a previously untapped part of the market for us. Six months ago, we were looking at how to increase our exposure. Today, we’re looking at how we can keep up with the incoming orders.”
Dominique Blanckaert, General Manager at Zorgpunt
Ooho knows exactly how to roll out digital marketing in HealthTech. Their speed, strategic contributions and industry insights make them a strong asset to the RemeCare team.”
Stefan Lameire, former CEO at Remedus
“Combining operational marketing heavy lifting with an understanding of regulated markets & complex technology is unseen in an external marketing team. Ooho offers us both & has been instrumental in shaping up our marketing efforts.”
George De Feu, PharmD, CEO at Lynxcare
“There are lots of agencies in Europe. A lot of talk-the-talkers, not a lot of walk-the-walkers. Ooho was both the cornerstone of a lot of strategical decisions, as well as mission-critical during execution.”
Louis-Philippe Broze, CEO at Spentys

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Company number: BE 0735.795.577

Leuven. HQ

European capital of innovation & Ooho.

Diestsevest 14 5b

Boston. Soon

The thinking center of North America.

Opening up in 2025.


Hedge fun(d).

Opening up in 2025.

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