About Ooho

The go-to-market team you had in mind.

We are a team of teams born and raised in the era of think, different. Our consultancy services are spelled out capital C for commitment, not cash.  We focus solely deep-tech & health tech startup companies that have complex offerings and help them get to market faster.

Top of our the game.

The best, and then some.

We recruit best-of-breed marketers that have the potential to span the modern marketing department. With tech, design & more in our toolboxes, only the best are welcome here.

Intelligent, fast, disruptive thinkers.

Our wits about us.

Working on dozens of health tech projects across a span of time, we’ve learned to be sharp from the get go & expect the same of all our employees. We explicitly chose to focus on health tech, med tech and digital health companies.

Skin in the game.

Invested in your cause.

No run-of-the-mill consultancy gigs, we consider each of our customers a part of a strategically chosen portfolio. We’re invested in our portfolio of customers and treat each one as if it were the very first one.

The team.

Thomas Beuls

Co-founder, product designer, diagnostics & biology vertical.

Tom Claes

Co-founder, orthopedics & digital health vertical.

Thibault Vandenhove

Partner, consumer healthcare vertical, digital marketer.

Thibaut Santermans

Marketing consultant, biology enthusiast.

Maxime Andreev

Head of graphic design & pixel perfection.

Wouter Lemmens

Marketing consultant & life sciences vertical

Inès Van Heesbeke

Content writing intern. Physician-to-be.

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The sky is not the limit.

Join our team. We offer great benefits, a highly personal-growth focused environment, work-from-anywhere policy and more.