Health tech, life science, med tech marketing services for startups

We bring global life-science, healthcare, and medtech companies to market. We’re a unique mix of strategic understanding and tactical excellence, focussing solely on upstart companies in the broader healthcare space.

Why us

Complexity, meet creativity.

Taking complexity.
‍‍Making it compelling.

We’ve perfected the art of making complexity, compelling. Whether you’re marketing to a life science audience, a research crowd or doctors, we understand the level of professionality you’re expecting.

Using our proprietary frameworks, we help you connect the dots and work from market needs to benefit-driven feature explanations and topline messages that drive the top line.

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A team of teams.

Beyond an agency.
A team.

Best-of-breed agencies aren’t what you’re after. What you’re after is go-getters that roll out a functioning marketing strategy and bring in results.

Our model is built on providing you with a marketing engine that works fast & works beautifully. Clarity first, with a relentless focus on end-to-end service and without the necessary multi-agency communication mishaps.

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Total top line focus.

More than marketing.

The time of Mad Men has long passed. The modern marketing team wields many tools as drivers of growth and is directly responsible for the top line. Whether it’s getting close to sales, designing the product for growth or generating greenfield growth areas, we’ll ensure the top line grows.

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Enabling 3D technology in hospitals.

How we turned Spentys from a tech startup into a med tech leader.

Spentys offers a 3D scanning, modelling and printing platform that enables medical professionals to create high-quality, patient-specific medical devices faster and at lower costs.

From day one, we have been working hand-in-hand with Spentys' management team to help them create a med tech leading innovator.

B2C healthcare products, scaled out.

How we achieved 5x growth of Zorgpunt's e-commerce business in 8 months.

Zorgpunt enables best-in-class home care by providing qualitative assistive devices direct-to-consumers and through a network of well over 280 local pharmacies.

With Ooho, we set up our Team-on-Demand service offering and defined the entire marketing strategy as well as the operational rollout

Untapping the potential of hospital data lakes.

How we set up Lynxcare to deliver hospital & life science intelligence at unseen scale.

Lynxcare’s product continuously interprets electronic health records and makes the data available to hospital teams to drive insights.

In our ongoing collaboration, we are the owner of marketing responsibilities including strategy, content & lead generation.

There's more proof to this pudding.

Friends of Ooho.

We’ve helped lots of companies scale across the globe.

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