Science communication

Complexity, compelling.

A team of writers to make any of your existing science content applicable to a broader audience. Our writers pick apart your content and ensure its usage across different media.

How it works


Let's keep it short.

We'll determine the type of writing needed and its intended outcome. Ensure we have clarity about the target audience and its demographics. And lastly, decide what style, tone and voice is suitable.


Every word counts.

During the writing phase, our writers dig into content, research topics and other literature. With the newly compiled information, our writers move ahead and produce content needed for the relevant topics.


Uber everywhere.

Alongside the written word, our team can deliver the content in the relevant (designed) formats, chop it up into posters, release it on your existing CMS, create email marketing campaigns.

A simple setup.

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Science communication

Our medical writing service team offers various types of medical marketing writing. Some types of marketing writing projects we do:

  • Web pages/ blogs
  • Brochures/ technical documentation
  • Video scripts/ webinar scripts
  • White papers/ posters
  • Newsletters/ emails