Product design

Pixels & perfection.

Our product & service design team focuses on setting up your (digital) product for scale. Our product design offering includes setting up user flows, user research as well as user interface and experience design.

How it works

User research.

Going Attenborough on your customers.

During user research, we closely study and research customer's needs. We focus on stakeholder interviews & align the company and product goals.

Sketching & wireframing.

Through the wire.

During sketching & wireframing we try to define key user actions and screens. We essentially map reality to the software and sketch the interaction.

Product design.

We're proto-type of persons.

During the design stage, we focus on making lifelike prototypes of the end-product. These are then iterated on with the team until everything makes 100% sense.

A simple setup.

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Product design

Our product design service is product based and includes:

  • A study & report on the core product challenges & needs
  • A set of user flows that define key use cases
  • A set of wireframes and doodles that outline the key use cases
  • A mocked-up software prototype that you can use to test the solution
  • Optionally, a set of developer hand-off instructions and end-product feedback