The marketing team you were looking for

Complex products demand better marketing teams

We'll help you set up smarter strategic efforts, design better products, and ultimately sell more.

Why this team?

Beyond an agency. A team.

Best-of-breed agency models are perfect for large and medium enterprises. They have both the budget and human resources to manage multiple entities and projects.

This model breaks for SMEs and startups that are living by the Pareto principle and need to have something of everything. Our team is battle-tested and deliberately small. This allows us to move fast, get deep insights, and drive your company forward.

Complex products. That's us.

Conversion rate optimization, landing pages, TCA… buzzwords won't take your marketing strategy to the next level. DNA analysis, life sciences, orthopaedic 3D printing and APIs as a Service business models: we'll dig into complexity to truly understand your market, its dynamics, and your product. This way, we'll communicate relevantly and strategically.

Invested in your cause. Literally.

Putting you on a retainer, that's easy. We believe in our skills, and if we believe in your startup, we'll invest our time and discount our monthly invoice for stock or stock options. With real skin in the game, we're (even) more committed to getting your company off the ground.


“Ooho is one of those no-nonsense teams that simply ensures it happens."

Louis-Philippe Broze, CEO at
Levi Vangoidsenhoven, CEO, Brickbook
“Ooho honestly delivered way too high quality in way too short a timeframe. Our product was just not ready. It felt off. Three weeks later, we had a magical UX, and it just worked."
“We trust Ooho to simplify and optimize our sales funnel, checkout, and customer platform. Every time the sheer speed and quality of the work is simply impressive."
“We knew during our first meeting that Ooho knew exactly what we were about. Even though we're talking about complex molecular technology, they understood the application and market dynamics fast."


Life sciences en diagnostics

SaaS & technology

Medtech & healthcare

Our services


Marketing strategy
Branding & communication
Marketing ops


Product marketing
Product & service design
Interface design & UX


Sales strategy
Lead generation
Business development


Web apps
Search optimization

How we collaborate

Integrated as a team

We're your marketing team from day -1. We'll manage your entire strategy and operations with the leadership team. You'll have access to our teams, validated playbooks, and our offshore team.

Integrated into a project

We'll solve a one-off or boxed problem. A website, a strategy question, or a brand. We'll take the work out of your hands and ensure it gets done on time and with high quality.


Tom Claes

Co-founder, marketing en med-tech enthusiast of the first hour. Was active as a partner in a last-mile delivery startup.

Thomas Beuls

Co-founder, fascinated by the crossroads of science and product design. Was part of numerous upstarts from day.

Anthony Benez

Web- en website guru. Turning pixel-perfect designs into websites that are fast and effective.

Maxim Andreev

Top-tier graphic designer. Turning anything that's complex into beautiful and compelling