User interface designer

Pixel-squasher extraordinaire. (Wo)man of many layout grids. Shaper of content. As our user interface designer, you'll head up in giving form to application and website wireframes, invest in building the future of healthcare applications and making everything we build look sleek.

Key tasks:


No way around it.

You're a deep Figma expert. You nest components in variants in components in variants until the UI's basically craft themselves.



You understand not only user interface, but rather how information is conveyed and best taken up by consumers and companies.


You're the beast.

You have a knack for aesthetics and meticulously turn everything into something beautiful.

Your future job looks like this.

You join a young team of hard-working marketing and tech people impacting the broader healthcare industry. You understand modern user interface design, design system management, design system set up, graphical design and when to use bold text correctly.

You've probably worked in UI design before, potentially with user experience and user research tasks, that's a plus. You have a sense of style and finesse that fits the Ooho brand.

You will be responsible for the following topics:

  • Setting up design systems with customers
  • Setting up brand (UI) guidelines and lay outs for customers
  • Interacting with a fast-growing team of healthcare experts to build experiences that are exactly right
  • Building prototypes of (web) applications in the digital healthcare space
  • Managing the look and feel of many pieces of collateral is a great plus, if you have (minor) experience in print, layouting and slide design, that's considered an amazing plus

You're also skilled in the following UI-stack:

  • Figma: this will be your day-in-and-out tool, you know the ins and outs of all the different components, you can set up and manage design systems that scale out
  • Adobe: you command the full Adobe stack (AI, IND, PS), with video editing skills being a great plus
  • Powerpoint: you can bring any idea to life on slides, you can bring information and put it, in formation
  • Webflow: working within Webflow is considered a great plus

As a person, you:

  • Can cope with high amounts of stress and deadlines
  • Have a mentality of getting things done, yet balance between doing things right when needed
  • Are an overall nice person who can take a joke
  • Have an excellent command of English, with French and German being great additions

You're this type of person.

  • Conscientiousness: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals
  • Disciplined: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals.
  • Data-driven: You use data to drive your decisions and improve whatʼs working. Where data doesn't exist, you find ways to fill gaps and move forward without it.
  • Disagreeable: ‘yes’is not your default answer. If you don’t agree with something, you’ll speak up and provide better solutions.
  • Creative: You think of many ways to solve a problem when you are met with an obstacle. You also find ways to motivate and influence adoption with current customers.
  • Collaborative: You build strong cross-functional relationships and get joy from the teamʼs collective success.
  • Motivated: Self-development and personal growth is part of your character as you continue to find ways to reflect and grow as a professional and as a person.
  • Intelligent: You have the skillset to manage complex customer accounts and aren't afraid to read into peer reviews, scientific literature, or other vertical-related content to gather a deep understanding of a space.

Our promise to you.

  • Flexible work regime: Ooho is remote by design but we own dedicated workspaces across Belgium.
  • A competitive wage & fringe benefits that go all the way: company car, fuel card, smartphone, meal vouchers, mobile subscription, internet subscription, personal education budget. No cutting corners here.
  • A set of devices that make your work flow, either from the Apple or Dell/ Android stack. (Laptop, phone, drawing tablet, 4K monitor(s), mouse, trackpad...)
  • Annual team (international) incentives (if you’re into that).
  • The opportunity to work with a stellar team that’s bound to have an impact on the healthcare space.

Additional information.

  • Starting date: as soon as possible
  • Not a freelance position

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