Full-stack engineer

As our all-new full-stack engineer, you spearhead several key software projects at customers. Next to a good feeling for software abstraction & architecture, you're a self-sustaining developer that can work his/her way around customer challenges.

Key tasks:

Engineering powerhouse

You're a great engineer.

You're a natural born engineer & and easily find your way around complex customer issues. You can tackle lots of complexity, by turning it into simplicity.


Done is better than perfect.

You understand the world isn't binary and understand exactly when to apply a 'get-it-done' mentality vs a 'do-it-right' mentality.


You play all sides of the fence.

You're a full stack engineer who knows his/her way around both front-, back- and (lightweight) DevOps challenges.

Your future job looks like this.

You'll be building software solutions for our customers in the healthcare industry. In this role, you will take part in each step of the engineering process; application feature ideation, architectural decision making, product development and deployment alike.

The sky is still the limit, but here are some of the technologies we imagine you'll touch as our full-stack developer. 

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • CSS
  • .NET Core
  • C#
  • Azure cloud
  • Azure DevOps
  • Other technology that you deem relevant to solve customer problems

As a person, you:

  • Can cope with stress and tight deadlines
  • Have a mentality of getting things done
  • Are an overall nice person who can take a joke
  • Have an excellent command of the English language, with French & German being excellent additions

You're this type of person.

The below skills are attributes that are not mandatory but are desired in the ideal candidate.

  • Conscientiousness: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals
  • Disciplined: You are organized and know how to implement order where you see chaos to align the team and move towards company goals.
  • Data-driven: You use data to drive your decisions and improve whatʼs working. Where data doesnʼt exist, you find ways to fill gaps and move forward without it.
  • Creative: You think of many ways to solve a problem when you are met with an obstacle. You also find ways to motivate and influence adoption with current customers.
  • Collaborative: You build strong cross-functional relationships and get joy from the teamʼs collective success.
  • Motivated: Self-development and personal growth is part of your character as you continue to find ways to reflect and grow as a professional and as a person.
  • Intelligent: You have the skillset to manage complex customer accounts and aren't afraid to read into peer reviews, scientific literature, or other vertical-related content to gather a deep understanding of a space.

Our promise to you.

  • Flexible work regime: Ooho is remote by design but we own dedicated workspaces across Europe. You will also work at a client’s location sometimes.
  • A competitive wage & fringe benefits that go all the way: company car, European fuel card, smartphone, meal vouchers, mobile subscription, internet subscription, Corona work from home allowance, personal education budget. No cutting corners here.
  • A set of devices that make your work flow, either from the Apple or Dell stack.
  • Annual team (international) incentives (if you’re into that).
  • The opportunity to work on a range of different products in the fast-growing healthcare, digital health & medtech space.
  • The greenfield opportunity to define our future tech team & the Ooho Labs business unit.
  • A set of senior engineers (front-end, back-end & architectural design) to coach you on the technical end of the spectrum.

Additional information

  • Starting date: as soon as possible
  • Full-time position

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